The circus is in town (and you can be a part of it)!

For the last couple of days the backyard of Pogon Jedinstvo (where Mocvara night club is) has had its share of clowning around- a serous business for boys and gals from Cirkorama and Cirkosfera, two circus troupes from Croatia and Serbia.

They’ve been setting up tents, spinning wheels and fortune teller boxes all weekend preparing for CirkoBalkana, a yearly gathering of regional troupes where they showcase their plays, discuss the position of nomadic performance acts in culture today and promote their line of work by opening up their doors to local public trough workshops and open stage nights.

Starting from August 24th and lasting until September 6th, CirkoBalcana will showcase performances from local and Serbian troupes, as well as two shows from this year’s visiting French troupe My!Laika and a final show, made in collaboration between all the performers.

The troupes perform what is know as contemporary circus, using elements from other performance acts such as theater and dance, and without any animals.

The open stage will be held on September 5th, and circus workshops daily.

You can check out the schedule of the shows and sign up for workshops here.