Bonjour Croatia! Just Zagreb is at the UEFA EURO 2016 in Paris!

As real football fans, we went to Paris, to see the Eiffel tower, but also to enjoy UEFA Euro Championship! Today, Croatia will play at 3 pm with Turkey, and we’re very excited!

Just Zagreb took a walk around Paris, and we saw a lot of football fans everywhere. Police officers are all around because this match is declared a high-risk game. With police and their dogs, it seems like the security level is at the top, and everyone appears to be in a good mood.

Croatians fans are gathering around the Around Eiffel, which is a fan pit zone. That is why streets around this area are completely closed, all the vehicles removed, and everyone has to pass the three security zones – the usual police check up, then metal detectors and then French special forces who control the very entrance to the ‘fan zone.’

Even though the match has been declared a high-risk game, there are no tensions here, and everyone is having fun. The match was classified at that level because there was an incident at the last Euro when a Turkish fan threw a bottle at Croatian fans, a tension got a bit high, but were defused by both groups calming their members. So, no matter the police assessments, we feel safe here and hope to have a great match and fun with both Turkish and our fans. Can’t wait!

Here is our photo gallery, and if you are in Paris at the moment, send us your pictures! We would like to see more of them. Write us here: [email protected] and of course have fun!