Call For Ukrainian and Croatian Designers

The Croatian Designers Association Has Decided to Provide Support and Assistance to Ukrainian Designers Currently in Croatia

Deeply shaken by the visible and direct consequences of the war in Ukraine, which has fundamentally changed the lives of millions of people seeking security elsewhere, the Croatian Designers Association has decided to provide support and assistance to Ukrainian designers currently in Croatia, who, in addition to losing their jobs, also lost their basic working environment, such as work equipment, or a place to work.

‘We invite Ukrainian designers to contact us so that we can more easily detect their needs, and in order to better connect them with those who offer this assistance. We also invite Croatian companies, agencies, design studios, collectives, designers and all those who feel they can contribute, to contact us if they can offer a job, equipment, office space or any other type of resource. You can contact us at – [email protected]’, they wrote.

HR – for those who offer help
Please clearly state what you can offer and leave your contact details (name, surname, phone number, email):

free desk in the office
equipment (type of equipment, loan or donation)
job / cooperation (type of work or cooperation, including remote work)

UA – for those seeking help
Please introduce yourself in a few sentences, provide contact information, and write what you need for your work:

free desk in the office
equipment (type of equipment)
work / cooperation

‘We hope that this initiative will help better connect Ukrainian and Croatian designers, but also potential clients, and that it will help Ukrainian designers find work, or at least reduce their feelings of insecurity and uncertainty in these challenging times’, CDA concluded.