Celebrating 30 Years of Mimara Museum – Anniversary Exhibition

The Mimara Museum came to be from the donations of famous antique collector Ante Topić Mimara and his wife Wiltrud and was opened to the public in 1987. Its full official name is the Art Collection of Ante and Wiltrud Topić Mimara and it is one of the most recognized museums in Zagreb.

Today, in celebration of 30 years from opening its doors, it is holding an exhibition that serves as the homage to its main donator and to all the achievements that it has made over the past three decades.

Through many aspects of museum activity, Mimara is positioned as one of the most important scientific and educational centres and is also a point of integration of Zagreb and Croatia into a dense network of cultural centres.

The central part of the exhibition is the selection of 75 scientifically-treated works from the various museum collections. Archival material, prints, photographs and an extensive bilingual catalogue accompanying the exhibition give a cross-section of its activity, confirming the size and nobleness of the vision that led the donor and which has been realized during these three decades.

The exhibition is opened until 30th September. For more info, visit http://www.mimara.hr/