International Bike Polo Tournament at Zagreb Fair This Weekend

Forth international Bike Polo tournament will take place on the weekend of June 25th/26th at Zagreb Fair. The tournament will be held at the in-line hockey court KUNA, Joszef Antital street BB, on the north side of the Fair.

The two day tournament gathers 18 teams from 9 countries that will test their skills against each other from 10am to 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday while the audiences, who get to watch the tournament for free, can enjoy different bike activities throughout the day, and have some BBQ.

Bike Polo is a team sport with three players at each team. The games are played for ten minutes or when one team scores five points, whichever comes first. One more interesting thing about the sport is that male and female teams are pitting against each other and there many mixed gender teams on the international scene.

The tournament is a way of promoting the young sport in Croatia, and Zagreb Bike Polo society is aiming to make it a registered sport in Croatia by 2017, setting up different evens around the country. So if you like bikes, extreme sports, BBQs or are British, go and supports the guys in their efforts of making this sport official here.