Cold Beer, Mustaches and Bars at the Biggest Party in Town

A series of themed concert hall tours around Croatia titled Tulum (Party) is kicking off it new season on Saturday, October 8th at Dom Sportova concert venue. Tulum gathers three bands of different generations that are thematically linked and sends sets them loose on concert halls around the country. This time it’s all about mosh pits as the scene staples Hladno Pivo (Cold Beer) join up with middle generation kitsch-folk punk enfants terrible Brkovi (Mustaches) and newcomers Šank?! (Bar?!) for a punk extravaganza.

Great news for Hladno Pivo’s old fans, now middle aged people, and kids on the scene today is that the band announced they will play songs from their first, underground punk albums that are considered the best in their long and now commercial careers , while Brkovi and Šank?! are bound to provide a good time with their unhinged stage performances and over the top songs.

The concert starts at 8pm at Dom Sportova (Hall of Sports, at the address of the same name) with entry fees being 90kn on the entrance and 70kn online.