Croatian Promotional Video for 2017 was Voted the Worlds Best

The promotional video Ambassadors of Croatian Tourism from the Croatian Tourist Board was awarded and declared best promo video by both industry professionals and through public votes!

The first annual Citizine’s Travel Video Awards was held in Las Vegas to recognize and showcase the innovative and inspiring travel videos around the world released in 2017. The Croatian promo video was awarded ‘Travel Video Awards’ in the category ‘Best Video by a Tourism Organization’ and was also voted by the audience for the best tourist promotional spot of 2017!

Kristijan Staničić, the director of the Croatian Tourist Board added while receiving the award: ‘This is a confirmation that in the Croatian tourist community, together with our partners, we create top-level promotional items that are internationally recognized and accepted by the profession but also by many travel lovers around the world’.

The promotional video that came from the Croatian Tourist Board, Ambassadors of Croatian Tourism, features renowned Croatian athletes and artists along with the shots of iconic and beautiful sights and places all over Croatia. In short time, the video reached millions of viewers across the globe. It is a product of continuous, and recently successful efforts to position Croatia among the top touristic destinations of the world.