Croatian Wrestlers Battle it Out for the Champion Belt at Mocvara Club

In case you didn’t know, Croatia has a wrestling federation. The thing is, even Croatia doesn’t know it has a wrestling federation. A few years ago, a couple of fans of the US WWF started practicing wrestling in their back yards, fine tuning their skills in the ring/stage. It soon amassed the number of participants and fans, and have slowly started to perform for the general public.

One of those performances will be held this Saturday, May 21st, at Mocvara club, Trnjanski nasip bb street.

As the organizers point out, Arian, the reigning champion is coming back from retierment to prove that the Champion belt is his and his alone, promising to crush the contender Frozen Fire. But there are others lurking from the sidelines, waiting for their chance to prove their worth and become the best wrestler in Croatia… A tragedy of Shakespearean proportions is bound to happen!

Not as lushly choreographed and soap opera infused as their US counterparts, the local wrestlers still bring the camp and corniness everybody loves in wrestling, with jumps, punches, kicks and sideline chair smashes to the back every wrestling mach needs to have. It is bound to be one of those ‘what the hell did I just see’ experiences we love the most in travels.

The show starts 9 pm and entry is 30 kn.