‘Light In Places’ Project Sees Young Designers Shed A New Light On the Old Town

Visiting the Upper City this weekend will make you see it in a new light, literately. Each year the Light In Places project brings together young designers and tasks them with shedding a new light on everyday public spaces and their potential. Light is the key word here, as it is the primary medium with which they operate.

The project uses art installations and interdisciplinary practices to intervene in public spaces, presenting architectural, design and city planning solutions by performing, participating and encouraging interactions between the residents and the space.

‘The project questions the identity of the Upper Town, its heritage, current and future growth potential, content quality in urban space, the relation between the residents and everyday users and the functionality of the neighborhood in general. While talking to the residents of the Upper Town, through their everyday experience and personal recollections, everyday problems and requirements are viewed to define the project’s starting points – “problematic” urban structures and holes in the urban space of the Upper Town as a venue for temporary artistic interventions’ says Katarina Zlatec from Mjestimice, organizers of the project.

Light in Places

This year, eight designers and architects including David Kabalin, Ivan Lusicic Liik, Niko Mihaljevic, Sasa Simpraga, Tanja Vujasinovic, Tin Dozic, Ana-Marija Petricevic i Hrvoje Spudic will intervene in  public spaces from Tomiceva street that leads to the Upper Town from Ilica to Zagreb Observatory in Opaticka street, making a light and art filled walking trail trough the streets and squares of old Zagreb.

Light In Spaces officially starts at 8 pm on Friday, November 6th and lasts until Sunday. Installations and interventions will be seen every evening from 7 pm to 11 pm.