Discover the History of Zagreb’s Upper Town Trough Food and Dining

As part of the Museum of Broken Relationships’ art project Zagreb’s Upper Town: Change of Heart on Sunday, May 15, the Upper Town will host two gastronomic projects – The Little Market from the Attic and Table, lay yourself!.

Partaking in the Change of Heart project, The Little Market from the Attic will be held at the Vranyczany meadow next to the palace of the same name at Upper Town transforming it for a day into a place of encounters, mingling, tastings and exchange of organic food and creativity. All those interested in healthy grocery shopping with a view of the city can visit the market between 10 am and 5 pm where they will be welcomed by small producers of local and organic food from various regions of Croatia. Some of the manifold organic groceries available for tasting and purchase are green vegetables grown on eco farms:  asparagus, strawberries, black garlic, cow and goat’s cheese, Aronia berry juice, ghee butter and GheeKiriki, eco honey, home-made Vegeta, olive oil, Indian specialities, Super Hero butter, seedlings, home-made ashwagandha, mandarin marmalade, tofu and seitan.

In addition, four small tables for two will be laid at four secret locations where Irina Ban and Bistro Fajn will prepare four traditional Zagreb dishes with a modern twist. By calling a special radio programme Upper Town visitors will get the chance to win a table at 1 pm, 2.30 pm, 4 pm and 5.30 pm. Each location will serve a single dish, and the lucky winners will get the chance to taste the Bistro Fajn’s Sweet’n’Fajn duck with roast beetroot and orzo, (F)eingemachtes soup, Strudel with Fajn cream and Fajn-štrukle with celery garnish. Dishes will be accompanied by fine wines. The prize will be up for grabs for all listeners of The Radio That Once Was which will air exclusively for a day in the Upper Town area on 93.9Mhz as part of the Change of Heart project marking the 90th anniversary of the Croatian Radio.

Change of Heart will introduce a series of creative workshops and interventions with the aim of evoking memories related to the Upper Town spaces juxtaposing their present and their past. The mapping of intimate stories and experiences will serve as a reminder that the Upper Town is far more than a tourist attraction or a political hub.