From street art to ice age- the fall in Klovicevi dvori gallery

Klovicevi dvori has announced its program for the fall and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a great season for art lovers.
Wrapping up the season of 14/15 (the gallery closes for the summer in two weeks so there’s still time to check out the comprehensive collection of Italian baroque paintings on display, an interesting Austrian contemporary design exhibition and  a retrospective of Zarko Beker, a legendary comic book artist from the second wave of authors during the golden age of Croatian comics)

Ranging from festivals exploring modern trends in art and technology to exhibitions that take a look at our heritage and tradition, almost anybody can find something interesting to discover. So here it goes…

1. Organ Vida (The Organ of Sight festival) 3.- 18. 09. 2015

Daesung Lee - Futuristic Archaeology

The seventh edition of the international festival of photography explores the theme of borders. The project chosen by an international jury deal with a range of subjects, from the current crisis in Ukraine, relationships in a post genocide Ruanda and behind the curtain look at Riga’s urban shine to problems Mongol nomads face with rapid climate change and social exclusion of youths living in Paris’ ghettos.

The festival will also host a variety of workshops, panels and lectures from international guests.


2. Na Gornjem gradu (In the Uptown) 24. 9. – 4. 10. 2015

Let3 on Gricevanje
Let3 on Gricevanje

In the Uptown is a project that combines two very different events. The first one is Gricevanje, a festival of urban culture and music that runs for its fifth year. The festival is a combination of open-air concerts and parties in a portable dome mostly featuring young performers backed up with more known headliners. The first headliner this year will be The Beat Fleet (TBF). To call them a hip hop band would be an understatement of their artistic range, and we highly recommend you check them out if you can.


The second event in the project is Device_art, an international festival of robotics, devices and DIY projects. The festival explores technology and the way we use (and could use) it in our everyday lives.

Both festivals will be held in Klovicevi dvori and Gradec plateau overlooking the city.


3. Edita Schubert retrospective 24. 9. – 15. 11. 2015


The works of Edita Schubert have a key place in Croatian art of the 20th century. Thirty years of her artistic endeavors had been marked with continuous research of different artistic mediums, often resulting in discovery of quite original techniques of execution and with that, innovation of new artistic communications in her work.


4. #STREETART- innovation in the heart of the movement 26. 9. – 29. 11. 2015

street art_2

As part of the Rande-vous festival of French culture in Croatia, Klovicevi dvori will host an exhibition exploring the history of the street art movement in France from its beginnings leading up to the year 2000. Using archives, photography, magazines and posters the exhibition will try to encompass 45 years of the art form’s evolution, from the invention of spray paint to digital and new media interventions in space.


5. Vela Spila- Korcula before Christ 22. 10. – 29. 11. 2015


The exhibition is based on results from more than 150 years of archeological research on the island of Korcula, mostly done on the Vela spila dig site.  Thanks to the unique and rich discoveries, scientist are now able to precisely reconstruct the life on the island ranging from the end of the last ice age (around 18 000 years ago) until today. The exhibition focuses on the prehistoric era using modern technology like 3D screens, animation, actors reconstructing social behaviors and scaled models.

Vela spila is one of the starting points of the western civilization, a place where modern European notions of society were conceived. It’s an archive of facts concerning more than 20 000 years of our past, a 11 meters deep layers that practically spell out the history of the entire human race.


6. Menci Clement Crncic  29. 10. 2015 – ongoing


This exceptional painter and graphic artist, inspired by the authenticity of the local society, left a deep mark  in Croatian modernism with his work that seemingly accorded realism and symbolism.

The exhibition will display some of his lesser know works alognside his most famous painting, focusing on his pioneering work on and mastery of, graphical art.


7. The artistic heritage of Istra 17. 12. 2015 – ongoing

The exhibition will present the historical, civil, cultural and artistic look on life on Croatia’s biggest peninsula, Istra, from the prehistoric era to the fall of Venetian Republic. Along side some of the most important artifacts and art peaces found on the peninsula the exhibition will feature virtual representations and digital simulations in an effort to show more of the material examined than the space of the venue can take in.