Future Architecture Platform Lecture by Milos Kosec About the Role of Ruins in Architecture

On Wednesday, April 27th at 8 pm Milos Kosec will hold the fourth in a series of six lectures in Oris House of Architecture, Kralja Drzislava street 3,  as part of the Future Architecture Platform, titled Ruincarnations.

Milos Kosec is a Slovenian architect, editor and publicist that specialized in ruins, wining several awards for his thesis Ruins as Architectural Objects that was later published as a book

‘The post-industrial age rediscovered fascination with ruins: from shabby chic to ruin-porn, the imprint of decay on repetitive standardized production serves as a trigger of commodification. On the other hand, deindustrialization process has emptied vast urban areas and can be considered as perhaps the greatest producer of ruins of all times. The lecture critically examines architectural manifestations of contemporary ruin-lust. What do ruins tell us about possibilities to re-examine architectural planning? And: is there an emancipatory core in the fascination with ruins and decay that is worth saving?’ said Milos Kosec while listing the themes examined in the lecture.