The Future of Media and Marketing at 9th Weekend Media Festival

Weekend Media Festival held in Rovinj from September 22nd – 25th is the largest gathering of media professionals in the region with more than 4 000 media, marketing and PR experts exchanging experiences, ideas and discussing the future of media. Why is this important? Well, because this year Just Zagreb has been invited to the festival and that’s a pretty big deal for a year old tourist site.

Global brands in different cultures, digitization of radio, revolutionary potentials of blockchain technologies are just some of the themes discussed at the 9th edition of the festival held inside a repurposed industrial complex of a former tobacco company.

‘We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals in the wake of our celebratory tenth edition. Once again we’ve embarked into the unknown, once again we are the first to talk about brand new technologies that everyone is going to be talking about in a few years. We mustn’t forget about having fun of course, and this year we’re going to party harded and better than ever before’, said Tomo Ricov, director of Weekend Media Festival while presenting this year’s program.

Some of the lecturers on this year’s festival are Shawn Pecas Costner who worked in the music industry for 18 years with musicians like Rihanna, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Big Sean and Jay Z; Lazar Džamić, director of strategic planning in a couple of London’s biggest creative agencies; Jarno Vanhatapio and Magnus Emilson, the duo behind Swedish web shop selling world’s leading brands in over a hundred countries; Brain Morrissay, editor in chief at Digiday; Piero Poli, executive of Havas Worldwide and many others who will talk about the ever changing media landscape and how it will shape our lives.

The festival is also set up as an non formal networking affair gathering the most important media experts in Eastern Europe.