Korean Wave Evenings are Back in Town, K-Pop Town.

Fun fact: the country with the fastest rising number of guests in Zagreb is Korea. They just seem to fall in love with the city and go home spreading some great word of mouth to their friends and family. They also seem to know a lot about our city (no wonder, since statistics say they read Just Zagreb a lot (thanks a lot guys! :D)), but one thing they certainly don’t know is how much of a dedicate fan base K Pop has in Zagreb.

K Pop or Koren pop is a prime example of cultural globalism and post modernism, gaining a raise of worldwide popularity due to social media, and consists of different genre and styles of music mashed together, lyrics on multiple languages (most often Korean and English), intensely trained dance choreography and colorful, eclectic fashion. Bands consist of idols who are picked by record companies at a young age and undergo months of training before they are presented to the public, often with some marketing hook embedded in the bands image.

One of the rare break out hit in the western mainstream was Gangnam Style by Psy, but not many others have been able to break through to general audiences in those markets, partially because language barriers, partially because general audiences in the west prefer their pop products to pretend to be authentic artists.

Still, K Pop has a massive following in the west, especially among high school and collage girls and many US producers including Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg…work on K Pop songs, and its popularity is constantly on the rise. The phenomena is known as Korean Wave.

KPOP TOWN is a program held in KSET, Unska street 2, on a regular basis, but was on hiatus during the summer holidays. With the collage year starting, the club and it programs are opening again, starting with KPOP TOWN.

The party starts at 10pm and entry is 15kn.