Little Saturday Night Markets for Big Food Lovers

The Little Market on the Attic is coming home after almost a year of nomad life around Zagreb. The initiative that gathers small local organic farmers and gives them a platform to present their products (we’ve written about it here) had outgrown its small beginnings or, we should say, attic, and had moved to bigger venues around the city that include coffee shops, parks, clubs, festivals etc.

Now they decided to come back where it all started and create a mix of evening food tasting, cocktail drinking, music listening, recipe swapping and groceries shopping with a bit of art on the side (as the attic serves as an atelier and a meeting point for artists and musicians when it’s not a foodie joint).


The attic will host three night markets on Saturdays during July, first one taking place on 16th, at Sinkovićeva street 8 (a five minute walk from Tkalčićeva street), starting from 7pm until 11pm.

The market is a great place to meet local foodie lovers and producers, network, talk about and try out different foods and ingredients (and a bunch home made schnapps), plus getting yourself a nice bunch of healthy foods for a great breakfast or late night dinner.

The events are free.