Location Scouting: Weekend in Zagreb April 1st/2nd

FRIDAY, April 1st

Tvornica Kulture, Subiceva street 2, 9 pm

The balcancan pioneers are coming back to Tvornica club after their sold out September show promoting their first album. Drvored combines Balkan melodic progressions,, ska brass sections, french chanson, bits of island rock (a genre of laid back rock originating from Croatian islands) and some gypsy influences, and mixes them into an original sound that will make anyone dance. Opening for them are Mnogi Drugi, a young Zagreb band who mixes brass with outlandish lyrics and progressions.

Super Super club, Radnicka cesta 27, 11 pm

Hiphop, oldschool, rap, instrumental, beats, ’90s rnb, cloudrap, trap, grime, experimental, triphop back to back with residents from other clubs the likes of Funk Guru, Koolade, Lilacube, Tikach and Zolium.

KSET, Unska street 2, 8:30 pm

There’s not much to explain. Pick your favorite or not so favorite song, fake the singing out of it and win awards. Or just have fun. And there’s plenty of that at these easy going parties.


VHS- BEST OF 80s and 90s
Katran club, Radnicka street 27, 11 pm

DJ Franky is taking a look at his VHS tapes filed with recorded music videos from his youth and brings a selection of the best tracks of that home entertainment era.


SATURDAY, April 2nd

The street, Trnjanska street 1, 3 pm

Nomad Jam is setting up an all day jamming session with everyone who plays instruments welcomed to join in creating music together, and everyone who doesn’t to dance along. There’s going to be a bean stew cook off and a lot of music throughout the day and continuing late into the night.

Bikers Beer Factory, Savska street 150, 9 pm

Lady Singers Band is a cover band that plays regulary at Bikers Beer Factory, bringing now covers of popular songs with every performance. As we’re talking about a biker club, those covers can’t be in any other form than that of hard rock. So if you want to feel like a badass but still rock off to Taylor Swift, Bikers’ has got you covered.

TABOO club, Grgura Ninskog street 2, 11:50 pm

Mladen Tomic has gotten a lot of attention lately at the European tech house circuit as a young DJ from Bosnia and Herzegovina with quality production. You don’t get to hear about a lot of BiH DJ’s so it’s going to be interesting to see what the young gun has up his sleeve.

Open stage, Ban Jelacic square, 8 pm

For a continental Croatian tourist vacationing in south Dalmatia, Gibonni is kind of annoying. At one point, everywhere you went, every bar, restaurant, lounge, store…you name it, would play his last album on repeat. Granted, the album was great and his songs went well with the sea and sun cocktail of contemplative relaxation and the whole dalmatian sensibility, but for us continentals it just went to Gotye’s Someone that I used to know levels of too much. So no one could be happier about the news that Gibonni made a new album and is on tour. It’s probably great and we’ll definitely go check out the show. So we know what we’ll be listening during our next few summer vacations at the seaside.