Location Scouting: Weekend in Zagreb April 8th/9th

FRIDAY, April 8th


BRKOVI (Mustaches)
Tvornica Kulture, Subiceva street 2, 9pm

Brkovi are one of those bands you either love or hate, or rather, get or don’t. Mixing turbo-folk (a Serbian synth kitsch genre many consider the cancer of local music) with punk and metal, over the top machismo stereotypes and highly energetic performances, they flip postmodernism’s everything goes onto it head and have fun while doing it. Brkovi are promoting their new album, and will play Tvornica both on Friday and Saturday.

Klub club, Pavla Hatza street 16, 9pm

Threesome are a power surf trio from Belgrade. Mostly intrumental, the band plays a mixure of surf rock from the 60s, new wave, punk and math rock. After winning Demofest in 2010 (a battle of the band kind of competition) they’ve been touring Europe and US, building up their niche fan base and working on their EP’s.


SATURDAY, April 9th

ZABRANJENO PUĊ ENJE (Smoking not allowed)

Zabranjeno Pusenje have been one of the most popular rock band from Bosina and Hezegovina for a few decades now, with many of their songs being cult classics and evergreens throughout the region. A must see for anyone who wants to experience the Sarajevo state of mind and have fun doing so.

FANTOM SLOBODE (Azra tribute band)

Azra almost have a mythical place in contemporary Croatian music history. The front runners of the New Wave movement in the 80s, the band and its singer Johnny Stulic were the embodiment of the zeitgeist when the communist state oppression weakened and young people wanted more liberties. Their songs remain some of the best we’ve got, even today. The band no longer exists but a lot of cover bands play their songs exclusively and almost every gig is filled.

1. Azra-A sta da radim by pink234

Maters club, Maksimirska street 132, 11pm

In Croatia, Eddy is known as one of he founders of Kontrapunkt, one of the first and most popular electro resident programs in Zagreb, and internationally as one part of Eddy Meets Jannah duo. When not touring, Eddy likes to play (and hang) at Masters for his own pleasure every once in a while, trying out different sets.