Location Scouting: Weekend in Zagreb; February 26th & 27th

FRIDAY, February 26th

Hard Place, Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, 9 pm

We don’t think this needs much explaining. Hard Place is traditionally celebrating the man in black’s birthday and it has always been a crowd gatherer, no small thanks to Wanted Man tribute band and their lead singer’s eerily similar voice to the legend’s.  We can’t believe its has already been thirteen years since Johnny Cash passed.

Tvornica Kulture, Subiceva street 2, 10 pm

Tvornica Kulture (Culture Factory) club, after the success of the first one, is trowing another silent party with three channels of different music to choose from. For those not familiar with silent parties, each guest gets a set of their own headphones with three (or more) different frequencies. Everyone gets to choose what set they want to listen to and their choice is indicated by a different led light on the antenna. This time the red light indicates indie electro, the green light goes all in with pop rock and house (idk), and on the blue channel there will be trap, hip hop and r’n’b.

Sirup club, Koturaska street 1, 11:30 pm

The first Deep’n’Delicious resident program in 2016 brings the Rework crew to Sirup Club. The French/Hungarian/German trio are known on the clubbing scene for their minimal song structures enriched with elements of funk and melancholic french vocals delivered with energy of a rock band to the audiences.

Rhakija Bar, Tkalciceva street 45

A hundred rock classics served with a hundred traditional schnappses. From White Stripes, Doors, Foo Fighters, Pear Jam songs to strawberry, honey, peach, plum schnapps.


SATURDAY, February 27th

KSET, Unska street 3, 9 pm

BiPiEm are the new kids in town, filling up the drum ‘n’ bass vacuum that was left behind when Bass Invaders dissolved and the Confusion crew turned to other genres like UK garage, dubstep, two step and heavy bass. BiPiEm is all about drum ‘n’ bass, no sidelining, bringing the freshest tracks to the dance floor in an attempt to prove themselves on the scene.

AKC Medika, Pierottijeva street 11, 11 pm

It’s a long time, one year, to wait between two Seasplash festivals, so the organizers have set up a series of parties during the winter to keep the memories warm a couple of years ago. Pula based dub/reggae/ska is one of the most popular alternative festivals among the locals and Wintersplash has became a party brand on its own. This time, the bands playing are Braintheft, Bamwise, Dubolik and MMMeniga.

Masters club, Maksimirska street 132, 11 pm

Intergalactic Gary, a cult Haag selector who’s been spinning vinyls for thirty years, is coming back to Zagreb for the second time. Resident Adviser has continously called him one of the best selectors in Europe, known for his uncompromising sets ranging from disco and electro, to ital, house, acid and even new wave.

Taboo club, Grgura Ninskog street 2, 11 pm

Paolo Barbato has been spinning tables around Europe for 25 years and is one of the rare cult DJ’s that have seen the developement of house music trough and trough, and stayed true to it. Nineties local up coming DJ’s still remember bootlegs of his live sets at Ambasada Gavioli playing at underground parties. Barbato is old school as it gets in house music, and his experience translates well into the new and modern sounds he mixes with the classic tunes.