Theater of Philosophy Welcomes Margarethe von Trotta at Croatian National Theater

Theater of Philosophy is a monthly program ran by Srecko Horvat, a Croatian philosopher, that hosts leading philosophers, thinkers, activists and artists from around the world on Croatian National Theater’ beautiful neobaroque stage.

The guest this month is Margarethe von Trotta, a german film director and screenwriter considered to be one of the leading feminist filmmakers in the world and one of the most prominent figures in New German Cinema movement, focusing her work primarily on great historic figures, from Rosa Luxemburg to Hannah Arendt.

She moved from Berlin to Paris at a young age, where she worked on scripts for different film collectives and assisting on different short films. After returning to West Germany in the early sixties, she studied arts, german and roman languages and did acting classes. She acted in Fassbinder‘s and Schlöndorff’s films, but when she discovered Bergman and the French New Wave, she started to direct herself.

Even though her films mostly deal with relationships between women and a men, always building an ensemble of strong female cast in them, she rejects the notion that she makes chick flicks, emphasizing Bergman’s influence on her love for the medium and its possibilities of presenting inner states of characters.

Margarethe on Trotta’s film will be screened at Tuskanac cinema a day before her appearance, on Satuday.

Theater of Philosophy starts at 7:30pm, Sunday, May 29th, at HNK (Croatian National Theater), Marshal Tito square 15.