Matija Plays Arsen: a Son’s Jazz Homage to His Father’s Poetry

Matija plays Arsen is a homage from a son to his father, both musicians of the highest class in their own rights. Matija Dedic is one of the best jazz pianists in Croatia, and his late father, Arsen Dedic, who passed away last year, is a legend in the music world, both for his poetry and his music. The album Matija Svira Arsena (Matija Plays Arsen) came out two months ago and is filled with jazz interpretations of Arsen’s best known songs, Matija’s favorites and themes for films and TV shows his father wrote.

The concert of the same name will be held this Thursday, January 4th, at ZKM (Zagreb’s Youth Theater), Teslina street 7, and is a long awaited cultural event. For those of refined tastes, this is something you do not want to miss if in Zagreb at the time.

It’s a homage that does not shy away from being its own thing, a master’s work derived from an equally masterful template, and a great jazz experience onto itself, with critics already calling it the potential album of the year.