Starry Skies, City Skylines and Music in the Heart of Medieval Fortress Medvedgrad

EDIT: Urban & 4 concert has been SOLD OUT

Medvedgrad (Beartown), the 13th century fortress overlooking Zagreb from Sljeme peak is a popular summer destination for those that want to escape the heated city streets for an afternoon, but rarely do people have a chance or the courage to be there at night. Chance because it closes at sundown and courage because hiking down from the fortress trough dark lush Medvednica forests evokes talks of legends and dark secrets surrounding it.

Medvedgrad musical evening takes care of both those problems. From July 14th to July 16th, the fortress will stay opened after sundown and make the stonewall passages and turrets echo with the sounds of music, and organized transports are set up for anyone who wants to spend the night walking trough an medieval fortress listening to a nice selection of some of the best Croatian bands with a magnificent view of Zagreb to the south and starry skies to the north.

Medvedgrad evenings have two stages, an acoustic one set up on the top of a guard tower and the main stage on a field inside the fortress. There’s no special pricing for the two stages, but due to a small capacity on the tower, one must register for the acoustic stage when buying tickets.

The fortress opens at 7pm, and free organized transport is set up from the church at ล estine neighborhood (part of town closest to Medvednica nature reserve). Buses will be heading to Medvedgrad every half hour starting from 6:30pm until 8:45 (last bus to go up before the main concert), or you could share an Eko taxi for a fixed price of 35 kn in one way. Transport is also organized after the concerts.

The schedule is:

July 14th
Tickets: 60/80kn
Acoustic stage (8pm)

Main stage (9pm)

July 15th
Tickets: 80/100kn
Acustic stage (8pm)

Main stage (9pm)

July 16th
Tickets: 80/100kn
Acustic stage (8pm)

Main stage (9pm)

You can buy tickets at the entrance of the fortress or online HERE. You can buy tickets with early bird prices until 4pm on the day of the concert.