New Year’s Eve in Zagreb

Zagreb streets have been full of people, good music, smells and tastes and cheerful atmosphere the whole December thanks to ‘Advent in Zagreb’, and New Year’s Eve will not be an exception!

For those of you who prefer being outside during the final countdown, among the crowd and in the fresh air, just recently it was announced that Croatian bands Novi fosili and Prljavo kazalište will play on Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić square. Novi fosili will take care of the good atmosphere on the main Zagreb’s square from 9 pm, and from 11:15 pm another legendary Zagreb band, Prljavo kazalište, will perform.

On the Advent at the European Square you can wait for the New Year with Marijan Felver and guests. Advent at Klovićevi Dvori plateau organizes a Surprise New Year’s Eve Party. Croatian band Svemirko and Dino Dvornik Tribute Band will entertain visitors at Fuliranje (Fooling Around).

Many hotels and clubs are organizing their own NYE parties and you can check out some of the events here. No matter where you decide to go, we hope you’ll have a blast!