Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at Tvornica Kulture Club

For all it’s shortcomings, Oasis was one of the most influential bands of the 90ies, often hailed in their time as the saviors, or at least a continuation, of the great tradition of rock bands from the Island. Their success was highly due to the Gallagher brothers, of whom Liam often took the spotlight, putting aside the less charismatic Noel. That is, until it was time to stir trouble with other bands and media.

It was Noel that made the Oasis’ reputation as a band with a high nose, getting into fights with the likes of Blur, calling out on the lack of talent in the industry overall and casually referencing their song as en par with Beatles, Rolling Stones and other UK high rankers in the history of rock. At the peak of their career, many fans and critics agreed with those analogies.

And for good reason. Despite his cocky outbursts and pettiness, Noel Gallagher was, and still is, a good song writer. He not only confidently uses the pop song formula, he owns it, and elevates it above the dribble that pop music is today. While Blur, their biggest rivals of the time, have experimented with different genres in their latest releases, often resulting in a hit or miss scenarios, Neil kept the formula simple with his post Oasis project, his High Flying Birds, sticking to pop he knows best.

As part of their European tour, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will hold a concert in Zagreb on August 16th, at Tvornica Kuture club (Šubićeva street 2). This will be their only concert in this part of Europe, with Noel supposedly insisting to come to Zagreb specifically. They were supposed to play an open air concert at Šalata, but slow ticket sales in July made them move the gig to a closed venue.

Noel’s and Oasis’ heyday might have passed, but the bad boy of British 90ies music has shown he still got some juice in him left in his last two albums, with 2015 Chasing Yesterday album breaking first week sales records in the UK, and cocky Noel still being high on any list of the greatest songwriters of all time.

It’s a concert that’s definitely worth checking out if, be you an Oasis, brit rock or an overall music fan, or if you are in the mood for a little bit of chasing yesterdays.

The tickets are 190 kn pre-sale (you can buy them HERE), or 220 kn on entry. The concert starts at 9:30 pm.