One artist’s personal superheroes painted in Marvel fashion

Marvelnjaci: My personal superheroes is a new exhibition by a young local artist Petra Lidia Sveljevic in Karas gallery.

Occupied with fascinating stories and exciting action that can be found in Marvel’s comic books, Sveljcic decided to embrace this fascination and put it into her new cycle of paintings. Wolverine, Thor and Iron Man might be fictional characters, but the artist believes that there really are superheroes walking the streets, and it could be any one of us.  

‘Every person, every day, is a superhero. We do not have to be gods, super soldiers or elephants to be heroes. each day brings us new chances to be heroes, no matter how small they may be, we just need to recognize them even if it is a chance to recycle our waste that day. There are billions of galaxies out there, the space has no boundaries, so who am I to put them in front of the viewer while he observes my paintings, or me while I paint my interpretations of those superheroes.’ states Sveljevic.

The exhibition will be opened in Karas gallery, Praska street 4 until August 30th. Entry is free.