Photo Gallery: Little Picnics at the Old Town Meadow

One of the main ingredients for a good picnic is a sunny day. Last Wednesday lacked that ingredient so the Little Picnic in the Old town was canceled. This Wednesday, however, seems to have plenty of everything for a good picnic.

Mashing organic, local food and unique Old Town scenery, Little Market on the Attic continues with their new foodie project – Little Picnic.

Set on the Vranyczany plateau, which is actually an newly renovated meadow overlooking downtown Zagreb, Little Picnic’s gourmet focus is organically grown seasonal food from local farms, grown and processed by local growers.

The whole event is a self service picnic so you can pick and choose from a table full of healthy foods. Help yourself with some goat cheese, pick some blackberries, add some smoked almonds and pour yourself a glass of wine, have some cold tomato soup or green smoothie, taste assorted jams on unleavened bread made from a 1000 years old recipe, or refresh with rosemary, mint and aloe spiced water.

Or you can just pick your picnic blanket, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the company of equally laid back people, a city panorama view and background jazz music.

Little Picnic will be organized every Wednesday afternoon from 5 pm to 9 pm until mid-September.