Silent Parties are Back at the Culture Factory and They’re Bringing Artists to the Mix

After taking a summer break, the ever more popular silent parties are coming back to Tvornica Kulture club (Culture Factory club) with a little addition. Starting with the first silent party on Saturday, October 15th, the event will also host exhibitions from young regional illustrators, designers and street artists, turning it into a real arty party.


The idea behind silent parties is that each visitor gets his or her own headset with three channels playing different genres, and each individual person can choose the ones they want to party to. Genres presented at this rendition are hip hop, r’n’b and trap on the first channel, house, deep, electro and bass on the second channel, and a bit more classical selection of funk, 80s, 90s rock and trash on the third one, each channel having multiple DJ paying back to back.

The event will host artworks from five young regional artists including:

Klarxy, Artu Ditu collective, Imela Romanić, Filip Pomykalo and Luka Juras.