From Sevdah to Punk, From Bosnian Hamlets to Far Away Americas- Djecak Iz Vode

Djecak iz Vode’s music is a deconstruction of known genre definitions, post rock expression unladen from its styles and values with inscriptions from authors own history and experiences of a child in post-war Balkans, a child that grew into a man who carries the burden of his heritage and confronts it with modern absurdities of his surroundings without compromises.

From sevdah to punk, from Bosnian hamlets to far Americas, the entire world had flown into Djecak iz vode, and he had no other way out than to sing about it. Sometimes yelling, sometimes whispering, but never without reason.

Djecak iz Vode will perform live tonight, December 1th, at Advent at Europe square, starting from 8:3o pm.