Photo Gallery: Tastes, sounds and sights of Zagorje at ban Jelacic square

Zagorje is a region of Croatia just at the other side of Medvednica mountain known for its picturesque green hills, small farms, vineyards and traditional foods and crafts.

Those foods and craft are presented today on ban Jelacic square with more than thirty small craftsmen and farmers showcasing their products. From traditional toy making, lace weaving and blacksmithing to honey crumbs, strudels, vine and home baked bread (everything tastes better on traditional home baked bread).

Along with different produce, Zagorje is presenting itself with folk dances, music and performances that will last throughout the day.

The entire manifestation will last until 21h.

Traditional toys
Traditional toy making
Blacksmiths had plenty of work making horseshoes, barrel holders and tools. Now they mostly make on-the-spot souvenirs of those products.
Lace weaving
Lace weaving was a social pastime for women working on farms.
Home made bread and pasteires
Home made breads and cakes
A woman in traditional wares
Traditional wares
Organic foods from Zagorje
Zagorje is full of small farmers that produce organic foods.