The Day We Connected To the Rest Of the World

The first crackle and hiss, and then the long ‘harmony’ of two shrieks that suddenly stop…and there you are. The World Wide Web. Yesterday marked the day that sound was first heard commercially in Zagreb.

On November 17th 1992 CarNet, Croatian Academic and Research Network, established the first internet connection with the rest of the world. It was established with a receiver from a landline phone connected to a acoustic-coupler modem that was connected to a Digital DECstation computer. The hr. domain was established in January 1993.

Two years earlier scientists from Ruder Boskovic Institute had already established a TCP/IP connection with Amsterdam for research purposes, but it was a closed network.

The internet is a wonderful thing that informs and educates us, connects us in ways we were never connected before. It brings together ideas, innovators and artists, educators and those yearning for knowledge, it makes us more active members of our communities. It’s the reason we can tell and show you stories about us, the people and the city we love. It is something we should all celebrate.

So here’s a video of cats being scared by cucumbers.