Venice in Zagreb: Selection of Italian Films From 2015 Mostra

International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of the Venice Biennale, known as Mostra to film buffs, is moving to Zagreb for a couple of days. The Venice festival, in cooperation with Zagreb Film Festival and Italian Institute for Culture in Zagreb, is sending eight films from Italian directors screened last year on the oldest film festival in the world.

The third rendition of Venice in Zagreb takes place at Kino Europa and starts on Wednesday, March 2nd, lasting until Sunday, March 6th, with two films screenings a day except on opening and closing night (when only one film will be shown, including, traditionally, one remastered classic on Sunday).

Wednesday, March 2nd
8:30 pm
Per amor vostro

Anna lives in Napoli with her three teenage children and husband. Once a brave and corageus girl has grown up into an indolent woman drifting trough life for twenty years, straightening her belief in her own insignificance. But when she finds a steady job, she slowly starts to face her fears and problems kept dormant inside her for years.

Thursday, March 3rd
7 pm
L’esercito piĆ¹ piccolo del mondo

Documentary follows Rene, a theology student that decides to join the Swiss Guard, Pope’s official army formed 500 years ago. Rene explores the meaning of putting on military clothes from the 16th century, what it means to be a part of the colorful and anachronistic army, especially under the new and revolutionary Pope.

9 pm
A Bigger Splash

Marianne Lane is a rock legend recovering from operating her vocal chords with her partner Paul on a volcanic island of Pantelleria. A sudden arrival of her older colleague Harry and his daughter Penelope will cause an explosion of nostalgic ecstasy. Remake of Jacques Deray‘s Pool from 1969 is a sensual presentation of fun, passion and rock’n’roll under the bright Mediterranean sun.

Friday, March 4th
7:15 pm
Pecore in erba

In July 2006, Leonardo Zuliani, a sucessful comic book artists, designer, visionary, writer and human rights activist, has gone mising. But who is Leonardo? No, tko je ustvari Leonardo? This mocumentary brings a hilarious and satirical story that tries to shed light on stereotypes and prejudices (intentional and non intentional) of today’s antisemitism.

9;15 pm
Non essere cattivo

Ostia, 1995. Twenty years old Vittorio and Cesare have always been inseparable. They live on the fringes of the low: spending nights at clubs, riding luxury cars, drink heavily, use syntetic drugs and selling cocaine. Despite their character differences they live in harmony with each other, even though Vittorio is trying to set Cesare on the right path and constantly failing. Yet he stands by his friend, thinking of ways to make their future better. Film was chosen as the Italian nominee for this year’s Oscar.

Saturday, March 5th
7:15 pm

To wait for someone is an act of faith. Anna and Jeanne live in an isolated Sicilian hinterland, waiting for Giuseppe, one’s son and the other’s boyfriend, to return. Their wait turns into a mysterious act of love and persistence.

9:15 pm
Sangue del mio sangue

In a monestary of a small town Bobbio, a sinful nun Benedetta had allegedly seduced the monk Fabrizio, and then his twin brother, Federico. The nun is forced to confess her sins and subjected to a series of torture tests. A few centuries later, another Federico arrives in town, introducing himself as an investigator, trying to find leads on a mysterious long lived count that lives there…

Sunday. March 6th
6 pm
Vogliamo i colonnelli

A reporesentative of the far right tries to convince a couple of colonels with the same political views to stage a coup. The plan fails thanks to the minister of internal affairs, who then uses his new found popularity to concentrate all the power in his own hands. The classic from 1973 is a brilliant political satire with Ugo Tognazzi.