Visit Fifteen Galleries in Five Hours Around Downtown Zagreb and Become a Vanguard of Local Culture

On May 20th, Zagreb will hold its third Rally Trough Galleries (RPG -Reli Po Galerijama). RPG is a five-hour race trough galleries starting with Picto and ending with ULUPUH. It was conceived as a fun way to experience what Zagreb’s galleries have to offer with a bit of a competitive note for a good measure.

Participants have five hours to visit 15 galleries in downtown Zagreb, marking the map with a sticker in each one to prove they’ve been there. The first ones to finish the race, or the ones with most galleries under their belt, will win a symbolic title of a cultural vanguard and some other stuff too. Each of the mentioned galleries has a map of the rally on which you can place stickers of the galleries you’ve been to.

The race starts on May 20th at 5 pm in Picto gallery, Branimirova street 29 (inside Branimir center) from where the participants will have to visit the following galleries (in no particular order):

Street art Studio Lapo Lapo, Ilica street 50
Gallery 3.14, Marticeva street 31
Koncar gallery, Kaptol street 26
Contra gallery, Frankopanska street 22
VN gallery, Ilica street 163a
Bravo gallery, Preradoviceva street 34
Pikto gallery, Branimirova street 29
Matice Hrvatske gallery, Matice Hrvatske street 2
SC gallery, Savska street 25
ULUPUH gallery, Tkalciceva street 14
Greta gallery, Ilica street 92
HDD gallery, Boskoviceva street 18
HDLU / Bačva / PM / Prsten gallery, Zrtava Fasizma square 16
Oris House of Architecture, King Drzislav street 3
Laval Nugent gallery, Vodnikova street 4

After the race ends at 10 pm, the entire event will continue at Beertija bar, Pavla Hatza street 16, with a party and reward handouts. Participation and entrance to all galleries is free.