Podla Poodla Shirts – Zagreb’s souvenir you will admire in New York

You have been traveling around the world for years, and your backpack is filled with memories; you could build a house of magnets from different cities, but you are still looking for that one special souvenir that you can show everyone? Your search has come to an end – two girls from Zagreb made a perfect souvenir for every girl in the universe. Zora Bjelousov and designer Mirna Radic came up with the original T-shirts. T-shirts that are, as they say, a little bit naughty and a little bit chic.
‘One day I realized that my wardrobe is always full, but I never have anything to wear. I created chic T-shirts with pictures, descriptions and motivating messages that I can wear everywhere – to a fancy event or to work. People who saw it wanted one for themselves, so I started producing… I named them after my high school band, Podla Poodla. Even though I did not have particularly great success with music; that name remained in memory, as witty and original.’ says Zora with a smile on her face.

As Zora loves fashion, her first collection was created from fine, soft and quality cotton, dedicated to every tourist who wants a unique souvenir that will last for years.
‘Every souvenir is the same, I wanted to make something that is more than a picture of Zagreb printed on something. This shirt will convey the message everywhere in the world. The person that wears it will have a memory and a piece of stylish¬†clothes at the same time’, explains Zora.

That is why messages on T-shirts are being printed in English; they are intended for every woman at the globe. Podla Poodla souvenirs can be bought as you walk down to Ilica, but at the Camps Elysees or in New York as well. You just need to go to podlapoodla.com, find a web shop and choose your souvenir. Podla Poodla will travel (or fly) to you, and it will bring the spirit of Zagreb to your doorstep.

Photo: Mario Poje