World Literature Festival bring writers from around the globe to Zagreb

Celebrating the written word from all around the globe, the third installment of World Literature Festival is a must-attend event for any book lover. Gathering authors from fifteen different countries this year, the young festival is turning into a well-respected literary event, with forums, round table discussions, public readings by authors, exhibitions and workshops.

This year’s focus is on French writers, as the festival collaborated with the year long Rendez-vous festival o French culture in Croatia.

There are a few new programs included in the festival this year. Little nightly strip-tease will discuss literary significance of author based graphic novels, and a side film program will show movies based on books.

Some of the guests this year will be: Etgar Keret, Péter Esterházy, Sofi Oksanen, Philipp Blom, Filip David, Reinhard Kleist, Clemens Meyer, Julya Rabinowich, Diego Marani, Étienne Davodeau, Ernesto Mallo, Borivoj Dovnikovic, Miljenko Jergovic, Kristian Novak, Edo Popovic, Andrej E. Skubic… All authors will hold public readings of their works in their native language with simultaneous translation.

The festival starts on September 3th and lasts until September 11th and will be held in Kino Europa cinema, Bogdan Ogrizovic library and Josip Racic gallery where paintings and drawing based on literary motives from local artists will be displayed. The exhibition is opened from September 1st, and all events are free to attend.