Zagreb’s love locks don’t break under pressure

Love locks have been a trend among lovers for years now, popping up in a number of cities around the world. But as more and more people proclaimed their bond in this way, structural problems occurred, and many had to be brought down in fear of fences collapsing under the weight of…well, love. For the lovers in Zagreb, thankfully, the architecture is standing strong still.

Love locks shaped as heart

There are two spots in the city where couples can proclaim their affection for one another in this symbolic way, and leave a mark in the city they’ve experienced together. The first one started spontaneously, and is atop the stairs that lead from Radiceva street to Gradec plateau.

Love locks

Students from the nearby high school started proclaiming their love here, making this love lock spot more contemplative than the other as you wonder how many of those young loves still exist today. Still, its good to know that there’s plenty of love going around as the locks have been slowly spreading on the Gradec plateau.


The other, better known spot is in front of the Museum of contemporary arts on Dubrovacka avenue, and was created in collaboration between the museum and an NGO Pipilota as a crowdsourced art project.


If you wish to leave a lock in Zagreb, we recommend using the fence in front of the museum. It was meant to withstand the weight, unlike the 19th century fence in the upper city. That way you know that this little memento of your love, and your time in Zagreb, will last for a long time.