Zagreb’s Whale Mural Voted One of the Best in 2015

Zagreb’s Whale has been voted as one of the top ten murals created in 2015 by Mural, a Canadian non profit that organizes one of the largest street art festivals Festival d’art public in Montreal. The ‘New Anamorphosis’ mural, as it is officially called, was created by street artist Etien during Randez – Vous festival last September on the wall of a high school next to Klovicevi dvori gallery.

The Whale was created as part of a bigger street art event that included different local and international artists painting their works on walls around Zagreb and an extensive street art exhibition in Klovicevi dvori gallery.

Zagreb’s street art scene has seen a rise in popularity in the last two years thanks to young local artists like Puma 38, Lonac, PmP, Oko…and a growing number of international artists visiting and working in Zagreb.

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