Zrinjevac park turns into a three day beach by the sea of books

Zagreb has many awesome things to explore and do. Unfortunately, seaside beaches are not one of them. No worries though, what we lack sea-wise we compensate with our imagination. That’s why folks from Lumen book publishing are going to set up a makeshift beach in Zrinjevac park filled with the most important thing you could have while sunbathing- books! (Buzz Luhrmann‘s song and Douglas Adams‘ books have already taught us the importance of sunscreens and towels, so we’ll just skip that part)

From July 3rd to 5th Zrinjevac will be turned into a beach with deck chairs, parasols, sand to bury your feet in, tons of literature and special cocktails inspired by books ranging from Bridget Jones Diary to Merry Shelly‘s Frankenstein. Cocktails will be served each day from 6 pm to 9 pm (18-21h).

No worries if you don’t understand Croatian, there will be books in English (and nobody will mind if you bring your own beach literature).