10th International Photography Festival ‘Organ Vida’

Organ Vida is an annual international photography festival that takes place every September in Zagreb. ​This year’s 10th jubilee edition and program will be dedicated to women’s perspectives and it will take place from September 12—30 at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The grand opening of the main exhibition as well of the Festival will be held on Wednesday, September 12 at 8 pm, while the opening party will take place on the building’s rooftop from 9 pm. The opening will be preceded by the panel discussion with 13 female artists from the exhibition ‘Vigilance, Struggle, Pride: Through Her Eyes’, whose works you will be able to see at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The same evening the exhibitions of Laia Abril ‘On Abortion’ and Amalia ‘Ulman Privilege’ will be open as well.

‘Cherry Picking’ by Arvida Byström

Each year the festival gathers international young ​and established ​contemporary photographers with the common pursuit to advance the art and practice of contemporary photography, and ignite conversations about critical and global socio-political issues. Its mission and goal is the photographic education of audience through lectures and workshops on contemporary photography as well as encouraging critical thinking through tackling everyday problems in our social, political and personal surroundings which is communicated through photography.

Engaged, Active, Aware — Women’s Perspectives Now’ is the theme of this year’s festival. “In the time that the growing influence of the religion limits women rights again we are facing a situation in which women must fight anew for the rights that had been won long ago. In the midst of initiatives such as #MeToo, Free the Nipple, The Future is Female, and phenomena such as the female gaze, it is necessary to re-examine the current role of photography in representing and articulating women’s experiences, and to critically rethink how digital culture is transforming feminist approaches to the image” festival organizers explain.

Find the whole program here!