11 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Food Film Festival Zagreb

One of the most beautiful festivals, Zagreb Food Film Festival, is taking place on Zrinjevac Park and is in full swing. If you have not visited it yet, you should consider visiting it – and here are a few reasons why you should do so!

  • Movies

Movies in the open and under the stars are a special pleasure along with the cutlery on the grass and deck chairs. The films being broadcast are all brilliant; Cook up a Storm, Toast, The Founder, Perfect Strangers, East Side Sushi, Ants on a Shrimp, Babette’s Feast, Vatel and Theater of Life. If you’ve been watching some of these movies, it’s worthwhile to look at it again in a completely different atmosphere.

  • Caterers

Every year the Food Film Festival Zagreb rounds up respectable restaurant names, bars, bistros, wine shops and pastry shops.

  • Workshops

One of the specialties of this festival is the culinary workshops by Kaufland that take place in the pavilion, and some of the most famous domestic chefs are there. All foods made at the workshops are shared free of charge.

  • Zrinjevac

There is not much to say about Central Park in Zagreb, a park where you will find thousands of New Yorkers lying on the meadow, reading, practicing yoga, enjoying performances, movies, or skating at any time of the year. Such is our Zrinjevac, the most beautiful Zagreb park, which just a few minutes walk from the main square, hides the green oasis of peace and relaxation.

  • Music Program

Every evening, after chefs attractions, the pavilion is reserved for musicians. Between the culinary workshops and the film, young bands perform at the pavilion on Zrinjevac.

  • Salty specialties

At the Food Film Festival, there is something for everyone, every cottage offers something different and everything is worth a try. Some of the hits are Tuna Sandwich, Sloppy Joe Sandwich, Quesadilla Sandwich, Empanada, Spicy Curry Sausage, Sarajevo Cheesecake, Beef Cheese Burger, Duck Burger, Shrimp and Lamb Sandwich, Hot Dog with Homemade Sausages, Chicken Burger, Chicken tortilla, and a ton more.

  • Sweet specialties

Numerous cottages specialize only for sweet, so the festival will be delighted with sweet treats – pastry shops offer the perfect cakes and ice cream, Amelie’s Lulu cake, as well as Cucumber’s mille leaves, are delightful, there are also great Milky pancakes, interesting mini-pancakes Poffertjes, Nadine’s fritters and much more.

  • Hanging out

Surely the greatest value of this festival is socializing, unforgettable after-work gatherings, afternoon snacks or weekend getaways with friends or partner on Zrinjevac are a special experience. Here you will certainly meet someone famous for the simple reason that they are all here. There is certainly no person who will not go through Zrinjevac during these ten days. The Food Film Festival since its inception won the hearts of many Zagrebians, which became the favored city festival.

  • Drinks

It would not be a real festival if, besides the houses that only serve sweet or salty foods, there would be no drink. There is our Kofer home which serves over 20 kinds of gin and has a prize game where you can win the way to Barcelona, the Vintes wine shop is there for an amazing selection of great wines, and Pivoteka for craft beer, while for cocktails there is the Rakijarnica / Mangosta bar.

  • Animation for Kids

Zrinjevac is also a perfect place for children, a huge meadow where kids can run, ice cream and animators on the Zepter cottage on weekends, each family is guaranteed a nice family day or weekend.

  • Perfect for dogs

Not to forget dog lovers, Zrinjevac is a very friendly place for the peoples best friend’s – dogs.

With so filled, rich program, Zrinjevac Park remains one of the hottest locations for the next couple of days until the end of Food Film Festival Zagreb!