13th Edition of ‘Fotosofia’

The 13th edition of exhibition Fotosofia will open on Friday, September 21st, at 7 pm at the Gallery of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. The exhibition will present the works of participants of Fotosofia 13, a seminar on advanced photography under the artistic direction of photographer Damir Hoyka, held in June this year.

During the seven days of the Fotosofia, fifteen photographers had the opportunity to learn from the best professional photographers through the free lectures and workshops. One of the lecturers was Eugenio Recuenco, a world-known Spanish photographer who was impressed by the creativity of young photographers and their progress in just a week.

Authors of the Fotosofia 13 exhibition – Mirna Bartolić, Sara Bertić, Josip Bjelobrk, Martina Bošković, Katica Filipović, Sinja Gerić Sattler, Ana Markezić, Miomir Medaković Topalović, Marina Ribar, Stefan Sokolovski, Vojislav Stanić, Sonja Stavrova, Josip Stević, Senja Vild i Petra Zaverski, will present their works in a series of three photos.