18th Chansonfest in Komedija Theater

Artistic organization Chansonfest will host the 18th Chanson Festival Chansonfest ’15 today at the Theatre Komedija with the beginning at 8 pm. Chansonfest is sponsored and supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Composers Society. It has offered its programs to the musical public for seventeen times so far since 1998.

Last year’s edition – Chansonfest 2014 really took us back to the world of this beautiful and unusual genre that so popular in the region in the second half of the 20th century. The festival that was held on 14th of November at the Komedija theatre attracted many famous names. Some grew up with chanson, while others have lived and worked chanson and the whole movement. Arsen Dedic, Massimo, Vladimir Kočiš Zec, Marija Husar, Jacques Houdek and many others enriched the album published by Croatia Records with their versions of old songs.