26th Days of Croatian Film

Days of Croatian Film is a national festival first time organized in 1992. The festival is dedicated to the annual production of medium-length and short-length film, documentary, experimental, animated and dedicated films. It is a festival of competitive character, and the awards are awarded by the jury, the Croatian Society of Film Critics and the audience.

The purpose of the festival is to promote national heritage, contribute to the cultural life of Zagreb film industry, tell something about modern cinematography from both local and foreign artists and show off their audiovisual creations.

Days of Croatian Film are on from 16 to 20 June. The locations of events and screenings include summer open air stage on Tuškanac, Old Trešnjevka park & ADU (Academy of Dramatic Art).

For more details visit the official site of Days of Croatian Film at http://danihrvatskogfilma.net/2016/film/