They Do Want To Get Buried In Their First Pet Cemetery (Pets, not Ramones)

Author: Tajana Skuric

Love that animal owners share with their pets is, without a doubt, immense, and so far the people of Zagreb always had to find different ways to bury their pets after their death. But soon everything will change! Construction of a pet cemetery next to the shelter Dumovec starts soon, and it is expected the first pets will find their resting place next July. There is no need to emphasize how much this project will mean to pet owners who will finally be able to serenely say their final goodbye.
The project also includes a crematorium for animals, and the first phase of construction is worth 1,3m HRK. The entire project worth 15 million HRK is funded by Zagreb.
The cemetery will have 2500 urn vaults on 12,600 square meters, each holding 1 to 4 burial places. The cemetery will be separated for dogs, cats and other animals, and pet owners will be able to lease a burial spot. The capacity of the cemetery is not limited, and it will be able to expand if necessary.

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