#DritoIzTvornice – Hip Hop Balkan Style

Author: Davor Bijelić

#DritoIzTvornice is a first major hip hop and trap event in 2016, and it will take place in Tvornica Kulture on Saturday January 30. Yem Kolektiv Crew presents an high-production event,  from stage to sound and artist lineup that includes performances of hip hop bands Prti Bee Gee, Krankšvester, Kiša metaka, Kuku$ Klan and High5.

 High5 and KUKU$ Klan, both young trap groups from Zagreb, are becoming more and more popular in Croatian and Balkan hip hop community (trap is a music genre similar to rap without main vocals, and although this style originated many years ago, trap has recently been making a new school comeback in many new forms combining different styles and instruments). Kiša metaka, a hip hop band from Split, is coming back with new lyrics, heavy beats and their gangsta rap. Their album “Folder 2” was released in December 2014, and in less than 24 hours, it was downloaded more than 3000 times, which explains the popularity of the band. Kiša metaka are Vojko Vrućina from band Dječaci, Krešo Benghazi, Oreb and DJ Vrh, a former member of Loopjunkies Collective. Triki and Sett, a rap duo from Osijek known as Krankšvester, have already released seven music editions filled with hard beats and extremely explicit texts that helped them conquer regional underground scene. Their first album “Krankšvester” published in 2010 remains one of the best Croatian hip hop albums according to the audience.

Prti Bee Gee are iconic figures of Serbian street hip hop scene, known by their songs about drugs, sex & violence. In more than ten years of their existence, they have recorded and released four albums, „Grejtes  thits“ (2002), „ Moskri 77-05“ (2006), „Tačno u pre podne“ (2007), while the last in the series published in 2011 called „Bez šečera“ quickly became a hip-hop classic.

#DritoIzTvornice will take place in Tvornica Kulture located in Šubićeva street. Doors will open at 9PM., music starting at 10PM. You can get tickets for 50 HRK via www.entrio.hr or at the club entrance in Ljudevita Posavskog 1. On the concert day, tickets will be available only at the club entrance for 70 HRK.