52nd International Puppet Theater Festival

The 52nd edition of the International Puppet Theater Festival known as PIF is currently being held in several venues around Zagreb. The festival is being held each year since 1968 and it is intended for any puppeteer who uses puppetry as a means of artistic expression. So far, more than 450 theaters from all over the world have participated.

From 13th to 19th September, 2019, very different plays are performed, from traditional to completely new modern experimental shows both for children and adults. The plays are performed in numerous theater halls, as well as in the streets and squares of Zagreb. They are observed by two juries: the children’s which observes all plays for children and chooses the best according to its taste, and an international jury of experts which follows all the performances at the festival and presents the main festival prize for the best play in its entirety, while also giving prizes for individual achievements. Since 1988 the main prize of the PIF has been named after the great man of the Croatian puppet theater Milan Cecuk – the writer, actor, puppeteer, journalist, theoretician and historian of the puppet theater and one of the founders of the PIF.

The whole program of this year’s PIF can be downloaded from their website.

Photo source: PIF