Who Cooks Better? Croatian Cuisine 7th Best in Europe!

Watch out pasta! Cheese, bow your head! Chocolate, do not look back, because here comes Croatian lamb followed by the army of olive oils, wine and great BBQ food! What are we talking about? According to website thrillist.com, our country ended up high on the list of the best European delicacies. Croatian cuisine, which is a combination of Mediterranean, Oriental, Slavic and more, delighted the authors of the article and finished 7th out of 48.
‘They have fantastic olive oil, and the oysters in the small town of Ston (near Dubrovnik) are considered some of the best in the Adriatic. Their wines Babić, Malvasia, Prosecco and Vrbnik Žlahtina used to be underrated but are getting more international cred each year. And, perhaps their most famous dish – roasted lamb “under the bell” – is worth the hype, considering the meat cooks from both sides (with a domed clay bell covered in hot charcoal on top, and a coal BBQ below) slowly and its own juices. ‘says the article.

olive-oil Pixabay.com
While reading it, we could almost smell the flavor of all those tasty things that we produce here, in this small country on the Balkan peninsula. So we totally agreed that Croatian food is extraordinary, and that it deserves to be in the company of famous ‘foodies’ – Italians, French, Spaniards, Germans, Swiss, Belgians and others, but what we did not agree with is that lamb, oil and wine are the only great things to taste here in Croatia. So we made a list of mouthwatering Zagreb local specialties, just to challenge you to also enjoy these local delicacies:

1. Štrukli (La struk, Skalinska), 2. Kotlovina (Mali medo, Tkalciceva), 3 Chestnut puree (Vincek at Ilica / Zvonimir street / Kvaternik Square), 4. Fried fish and squid (Mimica, Jurisiceva), 5 Zagreb steak (Hansel and Gretel, Tkalciceva) 6. Spek fileki and Turkey with mlinci (Modena, Koturaska), 7 Croatian Wines (Mojo bar, Marticeva), 8 Croatian Craft Beers (Craftroom, Opatovina), 9 BBQ (Pecenjara Remetinec , Karlovacka cesta), 10 Fairy Tale from the Croatian villages, rivers and sea – a secret menu created on every day basis for every adventurer (Fajn Bistro, Vranyczany street).