EODM Have Taught us That Peace, Love and Death Metal Will Always Prevail!

The Eagles od Death Metal concert in Zagreb was the third in their comeback tour after the Bataclan incident. The tension was high, but only because we really wanted to see EODM recovered and back on stage. And they did it – it will be remembered as one of the best concerts this year. Zagreb’s Tvornica Kulture was completely packed with fans. The air was filled with positive vibrations and it was obvious everyone was determined to make the concert enjoyable both for themselves and for the band.

They opened the concert with “I only want you” – the crowd went crazy and stayed that way for all two remaining hours. EODM are known as a band that can really make the crowd go wild, as they did the previous year at the InMusic festival in Zagreb. This concert was different – last year it took a bit of an effort to animate the rain-soaked crowd, but this time, the energy lifted everyone up right from the start! Frontman Jesse Hughes was smiling all the time, and so was the crowd. It was great to feel the positive message of love and peace (and death metal, of course). Quite a few bras ended up on the stage, the first one in the middle of their second song, Don’t speak. The song “Just 19” earned them some knickers! I particularly enjoyed the songs “Whorehoppin'”, “I want you so hard” and their take on Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer”. Near the end of the concert, Jesse left the stage to climb the stands and play a “solo contest” with his bandmate, Dave Catching.

In the end, EODM have taught us never to give up and never to stop being positive, because peace and love will always prevail. And death metal, of course.