71st Birthday of Zagreb Youth Theater (ZKM)

The Zagreb Youth Theater, popularly called ZeKaeM Theater among Zagrebians, celebrated its 71st birthday on Friday, March 29th, 2019. ZKM is still the kind of theater in which art is relevantly questioned with some of the most important topics that we are facing in the time we live in. With 18 awards in the previous season, powerful authors and a high-performance ensemble, the Theater invites audience to contemplate their present again and again.

Short history of the Zagreb Youth Theater:

The Zagreb Youth Theater (Zagrebačko kazalište mladih), or the ZKM Theater, was established on March 29, 1948 as the Pioneer Theater (Pionirsko kazalište) with a hundred students, led by Božena Begović and a group of loyal associates. During the 70 years of its existence, it turned into a theater institution that continually manages to reconcile artistic and repertoire ranges with its pedagogical work and demands of the audience.

Photo source: Zagreb Youth Theater