Where To Go on Friday? Here!

If you are thinking of going out in Zagreb on Friday night one of our recommendations is the concert of LUCE, AUGUSTE, MAŠINKO and KIŠA METAKA. Four completely different Croatian artists/bands will entertain you this Friday at Vintage Industrial bar performing different kind of music, from pop and rock to punk and hip-hop. Young pop-rock songwriter Luce, known as “Croatian Adele” was growing up with the sound of The Cranberries and Pearl Jam and soon extended rock and grunge influences to blues, soul, and indie. Regardless of the genre and growing up with different genres and diverse artists, Luce admits that her love is always music with a bit of melancholy such as Otis Redding, Etta James, and Tracy Chapman. Gordana Marković and Ivana Lulić are pop duo Auguste, named after song ”What a Wonderful World” which written by Louis Armstrong on 16 August 1967. They play their original songs with strong influences of American pop culture.

Something completely different you can expect from punk band Mašinko, known by fast and strong punk melodies.Original and catchy progressions with lots of energy, nice straight-ahead guitar tones, and good vocals. Mašinko was founded in 2010 and all members gained music experience performing in local underground bands quite familiar on the alternative scene. At the end you can expect heavy beats and gangsta rap performed by Kiša metaka, a hip hop band from Split.

Show starts around 22pm and tickets are available in presale for 40 HRK (Dirty old shop) or 50 HRK on Friday at club entrance.