80 Years of Meštrović Pavilion

Exhibition Meštrović’s Mark in Zagreb – Architecture: 80 Years of Meštrović Pavilion opens on December 18 – Tuesday, at 7 pm, at Meštrović Atelier (Mletačka 8). The exhibition marks eighty years of opening of the Home of Croatian Association of Artists building known as Meštrović Pavilion.

The exhibition was conceived by a senior curator of Atelier Meštrović Barbara Vujanović, as a continuation of the research started with her book Meštrović’s Mark in Zagreb, published last year, in which she summed up Meštrović’s monumental and architectural heritage and his works in museums and churches of Zagreb. It will consist of visual installations by the artist Ivan Marušić Klif which will show all the phases of Meštrović’s pavilion: the Home of Croatian Artists (1938-1941), the mosque (1941-1945), the Museum of National Liberation / Museum of the People’s Revolution of Croatia (1949 – 1991 .), Home of Croatian Association of Artists (1993 – today).

Czech art historian Vendula Hnídková, from the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague will also participate in the exhibition project. In her text for the exhibition catalog titled The Temple of Croatian Artists in the Context of Hard Times, the author analyzes achievements of Ivan Meštrović and his associates through comparison with his other architectural achievements as well as with the rest of European architecture.

The exhibition will be open till March 3, 2019.