Abrakadabra Zoo – Come Witness the Magic of the Animals

A miraculous story of long-forgotten myths and legends overcame the Zoo Park this Autumn. A multitude of gods, ghosts, and demons that have been brought from the past by the unkempt behavior of the Roman goddess of spit and thief, Laverne, came to lurk in the Zoo Park.

Laverna stole the supreme clock and disrupted the time because of the fact that there were gods and spirits of different ages in the Zoo Garden. In order for everything to be restored to its original state, the brave Maksimir witches and Svantevid, the god of the sun, war, and prophecy, need your help.

if you have a pure heart and are ready for the challenges that await you. You will encounter various puzzles and gods that will try to make it easier to find a druid of Dagda who can save the day!

The program includes night walks through the Zoo with professional costumed guides with characters from Croatian and other mythologies with specially prepared pavillions for the occasion and also getting to know animals that are awake during night time and how they are connected to fascinating stories and beliefs. There is also a workshop for carving pumpkins.

The first group starts at 6.15 PM (to 9 PM) and second starts at 8.15 PM (to 11 PM). The program is intended for families with kids older than 5.

Entrance – east side Zoo cashier (crossing of Maksimirska and Fakultetsko dobro street).

Tickets: price for kids 5-14 is 60kn, 80kn for adults and they include guided tour, muffin and tea, a pumpkin for carving (one per family).

Reservations can be made on telephone number 01/7788 534 or 01/7788 535